Faculty of Medicine

Faculty Overview

Beykent University’s Faculty of Medicine was founded in 2017. Our main aim is to educate leading and decent doctors who closely follow the scientific developments, carry out their own researches, contribute to science, care about ethical values and team spirit, make brainstorming their part of lives and who are open to innovations and technological developments.

Our students are offered not only medical education but also an education that will enable them to have cultural and social qualifications. They will graduate from our faculty fully-equipped by attending seminars, symposiums and various cultural and educational events held by our University.

The education in the freshman year in our Faculty is followed by an integrated education in the 2nd and 3rd grades. In the 4th and 5th grades, clinical and theoretical courses are offered in the Faculty Hospital which is located on our Campus. Our students take their first steps to be a doctor by taking internship education in the 6th year.

Beykent University’s Faculty of Medicine Departments: 

Surgical Medical Sciences

Internal Medical Sciences

Basic Medical Sciences