Faculty of Medicine

Department of Biophysics

Biophysics is an interdisciplinary science that explores how biological systems work using the principles of physics and chemistry, mathematical analysis and computer modelling. Researcher K.S. Cole described biophysics as follows: "Biophysics involves everything that is interesting, and excludes everything that is not interesting".

The interdisciplinary nature of biophysics is mainly based on physics, chemistry and biology. Biophysics interacts with disciplines such as clinical biophysics, medical physics, biomedical engineering by formulating problems related to living organisms with the concepts of physics and building bridges between the laws of physics and disciplines. Biophysics, as an integral discipline, deals with all kinds of information and technological developments concerning medicine. 

Nowadays, biophysics is divided into four main branches which have no clear dividing boundaries: System Biophysics, Electrobiophysics, Molecular Biophysics and Radiation Biophysics. 

The biophysicist investigates basic biological and medical problems using physics and related sciences such as physicochemistry, mathematics, electrical / electronic engineering, computer engineering, and bioengineering.