Faculty of Medicine

Department of General Surgery

Department of General Surgery is one of the departments which were founded after the foundation of Faculty of Medicine in 2017. As we are a new department, 1st and 2nd grade students are offered education under the name of Medical Practices. With the Hospital of Faculty of Medicine which is planned to be completed in the upcoming period, we will have the infrastructure which enables us to offer General Surgery Internship for 4th grade students and General Surgery Specialization Training. Therefore, we aim at offering student and assistant oriented theoretical and practical education in accordance with international standards for those who want to have an intense undergraduate and specialization education.

The main aim of the Department of General Surgery is to educate medical doctors who complete their theoretical and practical education in accordance with the international standards and whose relations with the patients are effective. We also aim at educating General Surgery Specialists who have international qualifications, who are academically equipped, who contribute to the science by attending national and international scientific events actively and who can benefit from advanced technological methods in General Surgery field.

It is our main principle to improve and develop ourselves to educate practitioners and specialist doctors who are committed to Hippocratic oath, who can create an efficient relationship with the patients, who provide health services of high quality to our people and who are willing to contribute to the Science of Medicine.

Asst. Prof. Uğur KESİCİ
Head of General Surgery Department