Faculty of Medicine

Department of Anatomy

Anatomy, which has the most rooted history in medicine history and which is the basis of medicine, is a science that examines the normal shape, structure and functions of the human body within the framework of clinical features. In our Department; anatomy is explained in detail by sub-classifications such as topographic anatomy, systematic anatomy, clinical anatomy, radiological anatomy and neuroanatomy. Theoretical lecture is reinforced with laboratory applications. In laboratory applications, training is provided with a large portfolio of models, organs and traditional wet cadavers. 

Our vision as a department is to educate doctors who have the mission to present their scientific skills in accordance with ethical principles and rules and critical analytical thinking and who will represent our university at national and international level.

Asst. Prof. Emine PETEKKAYA

Head of Anatomy Department

Asst. Prof. Mahinur KARADENİZ