Faculty of Medicine

Department of Medical Pharmacology

Pharmacology is a term that makes sense with the combination of the words “medicine” and “science”. It can also be defined as Science of Medicine. Pharmacology covers the following areas; researching of new medicines in molecular and/or cellular scale, discovering new medicines, making pre-clinical investigations, making medicines suitable for use in clinical trials, monitoring the medicines during clinical use, clarifying the effects, adverse effects, side effects and toxic effects of new medicines, carrying out pharmacogenetic, pharmacogenomic and pharmacoepidemiological evaluations, determination of medicine-medicine and medicine-nutrient interactions, application of the principles of rational medicine use, research of bioequivalence of medicines.

Beykent University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Pharmacology was founded in 2017 within the Department of Internal Medical Sciences. In addition to giving Pharmacology courses to pre-graduate students of the Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Dentistry, it also develops research projects especially related to cardiovascular system and stem cells.

Prof. Hale TUFAN

Head of Medical Pharmacology Department